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Let Frameland guide you through the vast landscape of the visual media of film and television, with a focus on the underseen and underrated. We are film journalists and enthusiasts who look for the hidden depths of well explored areas and veer wildly of the beaten path to find films we love and then share our findings and love with you.

At Frameland you will find the less-traveled vistas of the cinematic arts: from European avant-garde to Asian cult, silent cinema classics, underrated features from the recent past, that much maligned flop we think is truly good and more. In short: Films from all ages, places and genres.

We shine a light on films that have unjustly been hidden in dark corners, and on those that unfairly withered in the spotlights. With our essays, interviews and festival reports we go into comprehensive detail why these films and filmmakers deserve your attention, or to be reconsidered. Join us on this never-ending journey through a cinematic landscape that is increasingly difficult to traverse, and share in the spoils of all the amazing things the world of film has to offer.


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